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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 6, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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>>megyn: a big night. for the candidates. and for the country. we would be honored if you would spend it with us beginning tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. our sperm coverage with bret baier, yours truly and the political analyst, the best in the business. see you then. >>shepard: you are all stretched out? after months of bit are fighting the most expensive election in history comes down to today. it could be a very long night. less than three hours now until the next round of poll closings today, both the president and the mitt romney campaign working to get supporters to the poll leading to an interesting moment, rival campaign planes crossing paths, that is vice president biden's plane on on the left passing governor
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romney's plane, stopping in cleveland where governor romney and paul ryan made a last-minute swing. of course, battle grounds like ohio will decide this race but national presidents show a nation divided right down the middle a sign of how tight this race is, the first vote add midnight in humanitarian was a split vote. 50-50, five for the president and five votes for governor romney. governor romney has just touched down in pittsburgh under the wire campaign stop in a swing state where polls have shown his campaign making recent gains. this morning, the governor and his wife cast their votes near massachusetts home and he left for a final stop in ohio. a reporter asked the governor how he feels about the all important swing state. >> i feel great about ohio. >>shepard: in ohio, governor romney met up with running mate paul ryan, the governor spent more time in ohio than in any
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other state and understandably so. the way ohio votes could very well decide the white house. we have team fox coverage. ed henry in chicago with the 39's campaign but first, carl cameron with the romney catch at headquarters in boston. what is the romney camp looking for today? >> they have a lot of key battleground states they are watching. it gets down to counties and towns in the counties for any indication of how the voting trends are going. this is a battle of energy, an enthusiasm on the right and what the obama campaign has argued will be town out and their massive infrastructure. governor romney and paul ryan went to a victory center to rouse the volunteers in cleveland to get more to the ballot boxes. >> this is a great day. a great day with great opportunity ahead but i'm also
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looking forward to tomorrow. because tomorrow we will begin the work. >> as to which states they will watch, you can think about this in terms of time zones. on the eastern time zone with polls closing teen 7:00 and 8:30 in florida, the romney campaign think those safe. virginia a toss up. ohio, the crucial battleground state, both put more money and time in ohio than any state. romney campaign believes they have a shot in pennsylvania. romney and ryan are going to pittsburgh as we speak and to new hampshire, all the polls will close, first, and you can see each of them a key battleground state. and the question of the possibility of what happens later in the evening. romney campaign has set aside the emphasize on iowa and nevada where the president had a bit of an edge in the polls. they are particularly focused on colorado. romney campaign thinks colorado
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could be the opportunity west of the mississippi to pick up a key battleground state mountain time and late because of how close it is. historically, neither candidate has been able to break out of the polls longer than any time in the history of modern campaign, this is the closest we have seen. the amount of money is exceeding anything anyone imagined and a doesn't possibility there could be more votes cast in this election than in 2008 shattering records in a razor close race. >>shepard: tell us of the 11th hour stops for romney. >>carl: not uncommon. done in 2008 and 2004 and romney is show he will work struggling for those to work going where he wants to defend an opportunity to win in ohio and perhaps a pickup in pennsylvania where the polls closed and the romney campaign sees this as a double opportunity. one, to score a win next to ohio. also, to score a win potentially
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if ohio should go into the lose column, a strategy to get to the necessary 270 votes. pennsylvania is a late add as, today, biden's visit to campaign in ohio was late add with both campaigns voters which is an election cycle where every vote counts and both campaigns fight for them until the end. >>shepard: thank you, carl cameron. reporters sign up for text messages to both campaigns as supporters of each campaign would so we know what the supporters are getting and supporters of president got this text while he was speaking: make one call for president obama. reply "call" and we will send you the name and phone number of one voter in a key state who needs to hear from you. campaigning is still going on. president obama today back home in chicago doing interviews, working the phones and planning to continue the election day tradition of basketball with friends and staffers.
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the president has skipped the game just once, back in 2008 on the day of the new hampshire primary and senator hillary clinton beat him. wadly. today the top advisor joked that the president would not repeat the mistake of skipping the basketball game. early today the president visit add local campaign feel office and thanked supporters there and gave some praise to the challenger. >> looking forward to the results. i expect we will have a good night. >> you may recall a couple of weeks ago the president voted early in chicago the first sitting president to vote in person before election day. and now, ed henry continues team fox coverage at the obama camp in chicago. the president is keeping a relatively low profile today, ed, but vice president biden
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rushed out to ohio. >> that is right. very interesting move use mention the president at that obama field office here in chicago, illinois, clearly not a battleground state but the text message came in, saying, lebanese, go out and call a friend and get them to the poll in a battleground state even if you are not in one. the president was calling volunteers in wisconsin, thanking them for turning people out to the polls. he is trying to keep a low profile and exude confidence 24 hours after two of the top advisors told us on the ground traveling with them, look, they think this could be a blow out and the president may have 300 electoral votes and mocked mitt romney for campaigning. but vice president biden went to cleveland suggesting they are concerned about town out making sure they get their vote to the polls and it comes with someone from the democratic national
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committee was on fox mocking romney for campaigning in the states. >> what he was referring to was pennsylvania where governor romney is trying to make a late play because he, really, is -- has lost hope in ohio where he has been behind in 20 of the last 21 public poll was he is talking about is we are not making a hail mary for a state that we will have it hard win and we thing that is what is going on on the romney side. >> you mentioned this tradition of playing basketball, the president doing that now in chicago in a come mention with education secretary duncan and his former white house staffer. friends he has played with before. that has been a good owe men before, the local media noted this complex where he was playing was foreclosured upon so probably not the image he wants when the economy is front and center.
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>>shepard: the president has noted this is the last time he will campaign for an office for himself and he got emotional. >>reporter: it was freezing cold and it is clear he was taking in the magnitude of the moment, delivering remarks a few feet, well, from the original campaign office there in des moines where it all started in 2008 that is what fueled the ride to vick dry in the fox, you can see the image, the president shed a tear and people thought it was emotion or the cold but he said it was both. take a listen. >> you know, probably a mix of both, i have to say being back in des moines, thinking about all the folks in iowa who worked so hard on my campaign back in 2008 and then to see them still working hard back in 2012. >> although they made the bold predictions yesterday of an electoral blow out maybe there is concern today about ohio but
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i spoke to a senior obama advisor who said they are confident they will pull this out, maybe it will not be a blow out but they still think in the end they will win. >>shepard: live at obama headquarters in chicago. >> now, more on ohio, a battleground state with 18 elect material votes that could be pivotal. polls have shown president obama has a slight lead there. romney campaign aides say they like the governor's chances. either way, many are predicting a razor thin margin. as we have said, no republican candidate has ever won the presidency without first winning ohio. in other words, if governor romney loses he the path to the white house becomes very narrow but not impossible. and now, an associate editor and columnist with "the hill" a panelist tonight on fox broadcast network. i like "game" day.
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it is better than practicing. ohio. conventional wisdom is obama has to win ohio by more than 100,000 votes. if he does the provisional ballots everyone talked about will not be a big deal. >>guest: this issue is frightening because they do not finish counting them until november 17f there is a tight margin, the calls for a recount will be tough. i happen to believe that both candidates can get to victory without ohio, where all due respect to the buckeye state. i know they are fighting hard for it. it could be very close but i think both candidatecould get to 270 without ohio. >>shepard: you have to win ohio by 2 percent, and if you do that the provisional ballots do not matter because they are around 300,000 in number. but the providessal ballots are believed widely obama votes, african-american votes and young people votes.
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>>guest: we do not know that for sure. that is the problem. republicans swear they are going to win ohio on election day and the republicans are election day voters and no matter what the president is talking about with the early vote advantage and the democrats are, romney will get more votes today in ohio. so, we we do not know what the early and provisional versus the election day ballot are going to look like when they are all counted but romney still feels and i think it is genuine, confident. this have made a huge push to find their new voters and trying to make a push with evangelicals who sat out for john mccain and came out for bush in 2004 and hope to get them to the polls. >>shepard: if we look at ohio, the rural southern part of ohio, one of the founding places of the tea party. we will know, we have seen so much energy and enthusiasm with camp romney the last few days and if that brings out numbers,
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we will probably see that in southern ohio. >>guest: yes. but what we are also seeing is ten days ago romney took a chance on an ad saying that jeep would move job effort and it was technically correct but misleading and caused two executives from g.m. and chrysler to come out and say that it was cynical politics at its worse, it is not the thing of do ten days before when you are trying to fight for the noncollege white working male vote where normally president obama does poorly with nationally, but it is overperforming with in ohio and the fear now is that undercut romney's momentum there in the final days people would were listening to the bain ads for 60's month and support the auto bailout and they are happy that ohio is rebounding and might look away from romney now they saw that ad. that was the last-minute risk he took and i don't think it was the right risk.
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>>shepard: thank you. see you tonight. more than half of registered voters have cast their votes but there are plenty of people lined up. we have seen snags at polling places with a live report from florida coming up. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions...
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>>shepard: the state of florida and voting there was already almost half over before the polls even opened up and down the peninsula, 4.5 million in florida voting early. that is 40 percent of the registered voters in florida. officials have not released the results but they do say in terms of party affiliation more democrats have voted in early voting. that lead is smaller this year than in 2008. what do we know? phil keating is live in tampa. there have been several election day snags. phil: it is going overall pretty well.
3:18 pm
there have been some issues, including longer to vote, but for others their ballot will not be counted n tampa it is smooth with no problems and a big crowd expected at 5:00. wet of us, the county mistakenly called hundreds or thousands of voters this morning telling them they had until 7:00 people tomorrow to vote. not true. the deadline is 7:00 p.m. tonight. in broward county, 700 absentee ballots have been tossed into the trash because the voters failed to sign the back of the envelope as is required to prevent vote are fraud. >>shepard: what is the word on turn out in florida? >>reporter: we will see bigger crowds in the afternoon and half of the expected vote have voted but the secretary of state says that until we know the numbers the day has progressed very well and positive reports overall from around the state. in miami, certain locations saw
3:19 pm
long lines throughout the day as was the case in the all-important swing county of orange county around orlando, long lines there. but up to the wire the polls show that florida remains a toss up. >> mitt romney because i believe he is going to take this country forward not president obama. >> i voted for obama. he has done a great job the last fur years with a lot of improvement. >> ready for it to be over. keep our fingers crossed for the right guy. phil: people are so bombarded with campaign television commercials they told me they look forward to seeing new commercials for romney he must win the 29 electoral votes in florida for the path to victory. obama not as important but if he does win it again as in 2008 it could wrap up the night sooner. >>shepard: good to see you, phil. there is a lot of election coverage at
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with the poll closing times and state by state results. whoever wins the presidential election will have to deal with an economy facing a lot of problems, unemployment at home, stagnation abroad and a look at the big picture coming up on the election day installment of "studio b." [ female announcer ] want to spend less and retire with more? then don't get nickle and dimed by high cost investments and annoying account fees. at e-trade, our free easy-to-use online tools and experienced retirement specialists can help you build a personalized plan. and with our no annual fee iras and a wide range of low cost investments, you can execute the plan you want at a low cost. so meet with us, or go to for a great retirement plan with low cost investments. ♪ anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah.
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>>shepard: 23 minutes after the hour and no matter who wins the white house will have a lot of economic news. the economy is certainly in the weeds. millions of members are looking for work. many who have jobs are seeing their benefits disappear. according to the center foe -- for retirement research, fewer than one in three had defined workers compared to 88 percent
3:24 pm
30 years ago and that is not just in the united states. the money mess in europe and around the world is only complicating the economic recovery. once the campaign rhetoric dies down, and it will, how can the president elect tackle these problems? and the assistant managing editor for the "wall street journal," parent company of this network. >> why do they want the job, you wonder. the defined benefit thing is important for people to realize, that is a pension, right? if you retire, you get a set pension for life. but it has been supplanted by 401(k)'s so there are other ways that companies have contributed to your retirement you have to save more. americans have low savings rate still. is that going do increase the coming years as they realize they have to take a bigger role in their own retirement? >>shepard: and the matter of the fiscal cliff. >>guest: that is the biggest thing facing america right now, the biggest issue.
3:25 pm
how do you resolve the fact that the united states is spending more than it is taking in, in revenue, year after year after year? our taxes will go up, is spending going down? if spending goes down that means more austerity at home and abroad throughout europe and in asia? that means kind of reservation -- stimulation and continued slow job growth. >>shepard: we are reading about the fiscal cliff and if we stay with the fail-safe, not that people think it will, but if we do, our austerity measures would be three times that of spain. and spain now is at 25 percent unemployment. >>guest: the presumption is the fiscal cliff would be avoided put in there as an incentive. get something done, or this cut goes into affect. but whether or not we see coming out out of this election, any change in the status quo, even if mitt romney is elected, is there going to an submit house of
3:26 pm
representatives and senate? can he get measures through with a democratic senate and possibly a republican house of representatives? that is the biggest issue facing the united states. the united states economy, rather. on top of what russianing in china and what is happening in europe. >>shepard: the final hours now of the market, and the storm is up 137 points and the volume is not very vie, but what do you make of this on election day? >>guest: it could be, who knows? it could be a trader thinking it will be a republican win. it do be a relief. a relief that the process and campaigning is over. that certainty will now come into focus, this evening. it could be the fact that it is very slow volume. the market has been up and down the past couple of days the same personal. >>shepard: the market hates uncertainty. >>guest: that is right. >>shepard: maybe we will have some certainty tonight. >>guest: if it goes into tomorrow it gets more anxious.
3:27 pm
>>shepard: we hear about the election and all we hear is the state of ohio which could decide the election. what is the turn out in the buckeye state? what can we learn from the people showing up to vote? we will talk live with representatives from both campaigns. [ male announcer ] or trail... polaris has what you want.
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>>shepard: i am shepard smith in "studio b." the presidential candidates spending final moments of the hard fought campaign in, altogether now, ohio. as you know, a state that could determine it all. governor romney and his running mate both stopped in cleveland today. >> we get folks to vote we will have the real change. we need that change. i am excited about the prospects. i am committed about the enthusiasm and the support and the energy of the people across the nation. it is amazing. thank you. >>shepard: the energy has been very high recently. president obama campaigned in ohio yesterday as i mentioned usuallier spending election night in his hometown of chicago. >> i want to say thank you to the american people, it is a source of great optimism for me when i come to election day because, yes, i have so much confidence in the decency and
3:32 pm
goodness and wisdom of ordinary folks who are working so hard trying to move their own small piece of this country forward. >>shepard: vice president biden made an unannounced stop in ohio today, a last effort to get out the vote. steve brown is in columbus this afternoon. steve, when ohio starts reporting their numbers, those will be early votes, favoring the president. do we have a sense of how much an edge he has from the early voting numbers? >>guest: analysis of the early voting is by the counties in which they were cast. you do not register as a democrat or a republican in this state so they do not have a good handle on can democrats or republicans early voted. but the former g.o.p. chairman in ohio looked at the distribution and he likes what he sees in terms of, perhaps, good news for governor romney. have a listen. >> if you look at the early vote
3:33 pm
in the counties that obama won in 2008, early vote is up 3 percent. if you look at the early vote town out in counties that were won by john mccain in 2008, it is up 14 percent. that is an advantage for governor romney. >> but he and other republicans in the state say definitely obama will start the night off with a lead when ohio starts reporting. >>shepard: we can get a sense of ohio in the early going after the polls close, right? >>reporter: it could be early because of the early votes. the secretary of state here, the official voter election supervisor in the state of ohio says it will be the same so they could get a good idea but the democratic chair in the state of ohio believes we could all be in for a while before we get a real sense. have a listen. >> i don't know that we will know until after 10:00 or 10:30
3:34 pm
where we are in terms of winning or losing the race. i fully expect to win and i believe our get-out-the-vote efforts through the course of today and the preceding days are going to be well worth the effort. >>shepard: there are some folks in the state that say, well, if the numbers are similar to 2008 we know what kind of lead obama started and if the slide 9 same it may not be good for republicans and if it is less it could be good for the republicans. >>shepard: thank you, steve brown. >> now in virginia. another very important battleground state. we will know something early there. election officials there say that turn out is heavy in virginia and is leading to long lines in will positiving places, with a pair of sites in chesapeake voters waited up to five hours. good for you. according to the associated press. there are reports of problems with electronic voting machines and the head of the state board
3:35 pm
of elections says those sites moved paper ballots. mike is live in richmond this afternoon. hour they wrapping it up in richmond? >>guest: it could only be 13 electoral votes but both campaigns is been fighting to the finish to win virginia. paul ryan after voting in his home state of wisconsin is coming here to richmond, this afternoon, to make a last-minute push to try and get support from voters here in virginia and try to get the electoral votes critical on the path to two then electoral votes. governor romney was here doing two events yesterday and vice president joe biden on the other side has done two events last night and so the obama campaign not wanting to give up this turf to the republicans saying the vice president on election eve trying to make a final push to the finish. >>shepard: what is turn out looking like. northern virginia will be
3:36 pm
important, i know that. >>reporter: some of the initial builts outside the immediate suburbs of washington, dc, are ones to watch including prince william county, and, also, north of here called henrico, and larry sabato predicted record town out, four million virginia pollers and the lines bear that out with long lines, lots of voters turning out and the weather has been cooperated in the 50's, no rain, and virginia voters have been patient trying to exercise their duty on this election day. >>shepard: very important state for governor romney tonight the state of virginia. >> there has been a lot of talk about enthusiasm, which side supporters really want to win the most. and we may not be able to tell a lot about the direction the vote going by who is showing up to vote like gender, age, and the makeup of counties in which
3:37 pm
people live but we will find out from both sides what they are looking for, for hints. and the democrats joining us now, the obama campaign reporter, i have been watching you since can this morning. good to see you leader. >>guest: great to be here. >>shepard: i am looking at northern virginia, that is one of the first things that will give us a sign. how are you looking in northern virginia? >>guest: we feel great about northern virginia and virginia as a whole. this state, the romney team had it clearly in their column and were talking about and today we feel we can win with the large turn out, and turn out with african-americans and latino, those are good signs for the president and we will hook forward to the polls closing. >>shepard: are young people showing up, you won it in a big way by 34 percent 9 last election cycle and you need them. >>guest: we do.
3:38 pm
young people will turn out, they are turning out, and it is a lot of stories now from different polling locations and different counties and we are certainly hearing about those and hearing good signs but young people have a lot at state. they care about the future of this country, whonded the war in iraq, who ended "don't ask, don't tell", and that is why they will come out for the president in droves. >>shepard: ohio is important and if you win by more than 100,000 vote, the provisional ballots are not as important and it could not be drain out process. what do you hear from the state of ohio? >> we hear good things. we hear there are long lines and we encourage people to stay. if you are in line when the poll close, stay in line. this is a state that mitt romney and paul ryan have never been able to crack. their message to the middle class voteers in the state, it is not working and they went back there today as a last ditch
3:39 pm
hail mary effort but we feel confident the people of ohio will remember he helped the manufacturing sector and saved the automobile industry. >>shepard: but joe biden could be a last ditch effort. >>guest: ohio is very important, no question. that is why the have. is there. we have been leading in polls and we have more than 130 offices across the state. we are leading in early voting and we hear good things on the ground. we feel great about ohio and it is another state we look forward to counting the votes tonight. >>shepard: republicans insist you have underestimated the enthusiasm for the romney campaign in the waning days and that is how they will make it up. concern? >>guest: we will see. i suspect they will be called on their bluff in terms of their secret internal polls and what though say about their enthusiasm. the president has seen hundreds of thousands of people the past couple of days, and we know this
3:40 pm
race is going to be close. we have never underestimated governor romney. that is why we are out here pounding the pavement until the polls close. >>shepard: you should be exhausted. why are you still going 90 miles per hour? >>guest: fake it 'til you make it. that is my motto. >>shepard: thank you from the obama campaign in chicago. a representative from governor romney's team is up next. what about what she just said? should she be excited about counseling votes in he he? have you seen the enthusiasm in the last three days that governor romney has had with the record crowds? 4g lte is the fastest.
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>>shepard: as the polls close tonight we will be watching the swing states. virginia first because they close first.
3:44 pm
then ohio not long after. florida another key battleground obviously. they do not close until 8:00 eastern. in the whole state. and voter town out among certain age, race and gender groups is a major factor. tee obama and team romney watching it today. we spoke with obama campaign aide and now we will get to the romney campaign communications director who is live in boston. great to see you. thank you. i was speaking with jen and i will talk about the same things but. northern virginia is an area you need to do well in. how is northern virginia looking? >>guest: well, we are hearing all kinds of very good and encouraging feedback. there is a lot of high turn out and most importantly, there is a lot of high town out in areas that are strong for governor romney. we are seeing higher town out now in good republican areas than we did in 2008. we are very confident we have a
3:45 pm
great chance at winning. >>shepard: ohio is after that, the southern part of ohio, rural southern ohio where the tea party started, how is southern he looking? >>guest: we feel good about ohio, too in the last couple of days. you have seen the polls close were it is very close. ohio we think will break for mitt romney and governor romney is there in ohio campaigning and we expected him to go into massachusetts and cast his vote and he said, no, he will not it is still while the polls are open and he headed to ohio and another stop in pennsylvania because we are not taking anything for granted. we do not want to have any regrets tomorrow morning. governor romney is there today. >>shepard: i watched pennsylvania with great interest when the obama camp sent out the number one surrogate, bill clinton, to not one but four different stops in person including two in the
3:46 pm
philadelphia area, and we get the new poll that shows it is basically tied up, and, then, a spokesperson for obama said it is tight. is pennsylvania actually in play? if it is, you are in great shape. >>guest: amazing. amazing. really, pennsylvania was not on the map in the last couple of cycles and we just started campaigning this last week because we have always had an operation in pennsylvania but we started campaigning this last week because we feel like we have a shot at it. they have been responding to governor romney's message and independents have been coming over to governor romney's side so we feel really good about exit for the obama campaign to have deployed their top surrogate they have, of course, joe biden there and this is just spelling trouble for obama. >>shepard: it has been a long road and i wonder, now, as it is finally game day, how do you feel?
3:47 pm
>> this has been such an honor and a privilege to work for governor and mrs. romney, this is a once in a time life experience and i am grateful to have had it. but i think that we are going to have many more years of governor romney when he is in the white house. so, all of us have ready for a little break but it has been a wonderful ride. >>shepard: thank you, gail, campaign communications director for governor romney. best luck. thank you very much. >> you have noticed a lost amateur political scientists share their political views on the web. and the hot of happening now, is keeping tabs on getting information from the twitter. >> both mitt romney and the president are on twitter and this is the first election campaigns are riggously using twitter to connect with voters and voters with campaigns and fox has a partnership to bring you up-to-date information on
3:48 pm
voting and battleground states and the candidates. now, what we are seeing on twitter, for a quick preview, 1,000 tweet as minute are crossing the twitter universe and more than 6.5 million election-related pieces including the most tweeted political event was the first debate, ten million tweets. we are halfway there. as far as what people are talking about, the economy is the number one issue for the campaign. you can see it is number where where we talk about the election followed by foreign policy and rounded out by education. another thing to show you when we talk about election related tweet whose is mentioned. you can see the president on top and romney and ryan, and this is just the volume. it is not actually whether they are good mentioned or bad
3:49 pm
mentioned but it is that a lot of people are talking about it and one in five voters is talking on social media about the election. we will keep track of the friends and the traffic. tonight, ship, fox news/ news/ >> >>shepard: more news ahead including fascinating news from the state new jersey. new jersey has just extended e-mail voting to friday.
3:50 pm
so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>>shepard: the housing situation is dire for many folks in parts of new york, and new jersey and connecticut with tens of thousands homeless and more than a million homes and businesses are still without power. it has been more than a week. the federal government reports that it has dispensed $200 million in emergency housing assistance, putting up storm victims if hotels and motels. this as a winter storm, a nor'easter is moving in or moving close and temperatures be around freezing at night below freezing in some areas. a lot people face enormous hardship but many found a way to get to the polls.
3:54 pm
rick is in queens where there is a major clean up effort underway. rick: there were so many communities devastated by the storm. thousands of homes suffered extensive damage because of waste high water and the church is a rescue center and a shelter for the newly homeless giving out water and food and other supplies and you look down this way you could see the massive piles of debris in the street. we talked to one resident would rode out the storm with their children saying she will never do that again. >> it was the worst night of my life and i will never put them through it again. if it drizzles or they say you have to go i am out. gone. gone. rick: we saw a massive parking lot on the rockaways turn into a dump site. the sanitation workers picked up
3:55 pm
60,000 tons of storm debris today and a lost it is going to the parking lot. unclear what they will do with it but the job of cleaning up is amazing and all the residents we have seen in today's "health minute" spend their time a week after the storm going through their home and pulling out debris and drywall >>shepard: the north easter scheduled for tomorrow, or thursday, possibly, we are hoping it will go to the east or way to the north of the damage, but that is just a hope. rick: but there is still talk of 20 or 30-mile-per-hour winds with gusts at 35 to 535 and worried about resident would got power back after sand and losing it again with a lot of the trees weighted down by snow or sleep they could come down on power lines and this is now an evacuation situation of people in low lying area whose could have been allowed back in but there is a lot of concern about
3:56 pm
anything outdoors being moved indoors. >>shepard: still at it a week later what would you do to vote? a pregnant woman did not let contractions stop her from voting today. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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>>shepard: and now to chicago where a chicago area woman was determined to vote this morning and nobody was going do stop her. not even her first child. the 21-year-old pregnant woman went into labor at 3:00 in the morning, but as she told a reporter she really wanted to vote. so she waited for her polling place to open and went there on her way to the hospital. she said by the time she got there the water had broken and the contrases were five minutes apart. after she finished voting she drove herself to the hospital. no word on whether she has given birth. the name of her polling place? new life


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